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Antiques & estate liquidation, LLC

The Last Remains

Christine has over 15 years of experience with vintage and antique items.  She opened The Last Remains Antiques & Estate Liquidations, LLC in 2010 and is now in high demand, doing numerous estate sales in Abilene and the surrounding area.  She specializes in antiques and residential contents, collectables and furniture. Christine is a  Member of the International Society of Appraisers and the NW Texas Chapter of ISA is able to perform documented appraisals including Fair Market Value, Charitable Contribution, Insurance Replacement Cost, and Divorce appraisals.


  • Antiques, collectibles and decorative art
  • Furniture, pottery, glassware, porcelain, silver
  • General residential contents, 
  • Collectables and heirlooms


  • Insurance scheduling and updates
  • Estate planning, probate, trust, settlement
  • ​Dissolution, equitable division, distribution
  • ​Charitable donation, gift tax


  • Business or clients home
  • Or by appointment

Consultations can be arranged and an estimate given for appraisals. Business references can be given, but personal appraisals are always confidential.

Please contact me for an estimate or with your questions.


​Appraisal Services:
$100.00 per hour (2-hour minimum as retainer payable prior to site visit)
on-site examination, research, report preparation, delivery of two report documents

$40.00 per hour travel time, plus reimbursable expenses
lodging, meals, airfare, etc.

Other Expenses:
At Cost - additional hard copy documents; document shipping/handling; any service requested or necessary (with client agreement) in addition to standard services (consultant fees, etc.)